Scorton C of E Primary School

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Nicky Nook Class – Autumn


This term our topic is “Who do you think you are?” The pupils will be learning about World War 2.

“Who do you think you are?” Parent Leaflet

Autumn term project:

Our project this term is to create ‘History in a shoebox’ You can choose which project you complete and it should be handed in by Thursday 1st December.

Project 1

Imagine you had to fill a shoebox with items to show what your life is like. It may contain a football boot, cinema tickets, a shopping bill or sweet wrappers or photographs.

For your project this term you need to find out what life was like during World War 2. Fill a shoebox with items that represent life during World War 2. You may use primary evidence – people who were alive during these years or their families or secondary evidence – books and the internet. You should be able to tell a partner all about the items in your box and why you have included them.

Project 2

Research what life was like during World War 2. In a shoebox create a scene that tells the story of what it is like. You may choose to show a kitchen, a shop, an air raid shelter or an idea of your own. Your scene should include a character and you should write a script so that the character can explain what life was like. Make sure all objects you include would have been available in those times.