Scorton C of E Primary School

A Small School with a Big Outlook

Bowland Class – Autumn



Who Do You Think You Are?

Find out about our learning this term! We will have lots of fun…

Happy Learners at Bowland

Look how happy we are at school! We love learning with our new friends!

Creative Learners

In Bowland Class we help each other, share ideas, overcome problems together and create unique pieces of art. Look how we turned boxes into oceans, forests, trains and cities. We are independent learners who decide on our learning, collect our resources and show resilience and patience.

Taking a Line for a Walk

As artists we are exploring lines… curly lines, zig zag lines, straight lines and curved lines. Look at us exploring different thickness of lines and our favourite part… taking a line for a walk!

Doodling Fun

We have read Daniel’s Doodles and decided to make our own doodle style animals. Can you see our texture we created through using lines of different tones or shapes? Can you see how we mixed shades of grey and created doodles using different thicknesses of paintbrushes?

Self Portraits

Look how we have used light and dark lines in our self portraits! Can you see texture and tone?

Teachers and Learners

Look how we learn with our friends. Can you see us practising to count and caclulate one more or less or count in multiples of 2, 5 or 10?

Playing and Learning

We learn lots when we play… indoors and outdoors!

We’re going on a Mini Beast Hunt!

We loved going on a mini beast hunt in our nature area. As Scientists we were learning about micro habitats. We thought about why each mini beast was suited to their micro habitat.  We talked about how we knew each mini beast was alive. We tallied mini beasts that we found, and then inputted our data into graphing software on Purple Mash!

How are animals suited to their habitat?

We have been thinking about how animals are suited to their habitats.

” A robin is suited to their habitat because there are lots of trees to hide from predators.”

“A parrot is suited to the rainforest because there is lots of space to fly and they are camouflaged.”

“A panda is suited to his habitat because they can eat bamboo, a remote mountain is safe and bamboo is cold and keeps pandas cool.”

“A frog needs water… otherwise it would die. It is brown and green so it it camouflaged from predators.”

We went to the zoo

We loved our school trip to the zoo. Our favourite animals were the giraffes and sea lions. We learnt lots about habitats and noticed how the zookeepers had tried to recreate each animal’s habitat.

We talked about how we knew each animal was alive:

Were they moving?

Were they breathing?

Did they excrete?

Were they sensitive?

Did they require nutrition?

Did they give birth to live young?

Can you see us touching the bearded dragon? He was very scaly!

Food chain fun…

We amazed Mrs Pollitt with our ability to construct food chains. We even used the scientific words producer, consumer and predator!

Where in the world do we live?

We have been learning about the seven continents and five oceans of the world. We made our own maps of the world and even learned the names of the equator and tropics. We loved using Google Earth to locate Scorton and compared our village to Dover. We talked about physical and human features that we could see.He was very scaly!

Bible Fun

Can you see us acting out stories from the Old and New Testament? We retold the story of Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Whale, The Blind Beggar, The Lost Sheep, The Good Samaritan and Jesus Calms the Storm.

Can you guess which story we are acting out? We can now name stories from the old and new testament!

Investigating Materials…

As scientist, we have investigated the properties of different materials. We used scientific words to describe the properties of each material.

We then answered the following questions as Scientists:

1. Is this material absorbent?

2. Does this material float?

Can you see us working scientifically as a group?